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When Should You Wear Compression Clothing?

When Should You Wear Compression Clothing?   We love compression clothing. The science is finally beginning to demonstrate what athletes have known for years: compression garments improve recovery and performance, while reducing the risk of injury and generally making you feel great. The real question is, once you have compression clothing, when should you wear it? You can only reasonably wear these clothes so many times (assuming you plan on washing them), so it is important to use them to get the best possible effects. Training Aside from the fact that Compression clothing is a great way to stay warm, research points to the fact that there are also small increases in performance noted when wearing compression clothing during bouts...

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Ways to achieve better blood flow circulation by Exercise and Diet

Healthy Foods and Exercise for Better Blood Circulation Every one of us has experienced that pins and needles sensation as some body part goes numb. You can feel the life return to your limbs as the blood starts flowing again. Just quoting this to give a simple example of how important blood circulation is. When the blood circulation in any part of the body is hindered, the result can be discomfort or pain in severe situations. Blood is kind of the physical manifestation of life flowing through your body. It is responsible for spreading the oxygen and essential nutrients to all the vital organs, including the brain. Reduced or disturbed blood circulation can cause kidney disease, varicose veins and severe...

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